Watch Your TV

Watch Your TV

Tony Robbins told me to watch my TV.

“I don’t have a TV.” I replied

“Yes, you do.” Said Tony pointedly.

“Okay. We do have one in the basement that we watch movies on but it’s not regular TV.” I stated haltingly. I felt judged because I don’t promote TV watching and I think it can be a major time suck. Now, here is the powerhouse highly influential man telling me to watch TV.

Have I been wrong? I thought to myself.

“You’re thinking of the wrong TV. I’m talking about transformation vocabulary.” Explained Tony

“Oooh!” I said in a singsong voice because I had no idea what he was talking about but I didn’t want him to know I didn’t know.

Transformational vocabulary is the language you use on a daily basis to create your life experiences.

Right now, in this moment I feel blessed. I have food in my tummy. I have a husband and kids who love, respect, and listen to me. I live in a beautiful home with a great view of Utah Valley. My doTERRA business is growing and it allows me to serve people at a higher level. I’m in great health. Laurence and I get up at 0500 and go for a three mile walk and then we go to Vasa and lift weights at 1700. I’m getting stronger and faster everyday as I sculpt my body into the shape I want it to be.

Right now, in this moment my life sucks. I didn’t like my last meal because it had things in it I don’t like to eat. My husband and kids ignore me and don’t listen to my advice. My home sits on a hill and we need a new retaining wall that is going to cost about $20,000 – $25,000. I’m 20 lbs. overweight and I can’t bend over to tie my shoes.

Both of these stories are true. The powerful question is which one do I want more of; the first description or the second?

What about you?

I invite you to check out your TV today and listen to what you are creating in your life.

Find out more in my podcast.

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