What Are You Packing?

What Are You Packing?

I just got back from a training in Henderson, NV. I realized that I took some extra things with me that I didn’t really need. I thought to myself, “Is there a metaphor here?” I think there is.

Later today I leave for Warsaw, Poland. This time when I pack I need to make sure I am taking exactly what I need. When I packed for Henderson, it was a rush job– the night before in fact. I just didn’t think about it carefully enough. I did think about it, but not to the extent I should have.

I guess I should tell you that I’m new to this girl thing. Okay, that sounds kind of strange, so let me explain. I was the ultimate tomboy growing up. My mom use to tell me I had to wear a dress twice a week so my body would know it was a girl. Thank goodness for church as that counted as one time. Then I figured out if I came home, changed, and then put on a different dress for dinner that would count for two. Mom finally gave up.

I was always covered with some type of dirt or vegetation, and I forgot to comb my hair most of the time. I figured, “Who cares?  The animals don’t mind and neither do I.” (I always had a trail of animals following me on the farm.)

It didn’t get any better when I got older. I became a personal trainer and then a PE teacher partly just so I could wear sweats all day. There were many days I would be walking into work and notice my reflection. I would hear my mom in my mind, “Jeanie, you forgot to brush your hair again.”

In 2012, when I decided to become a professional speaker.   I knew I had to learn how to dress. I went to the mall to go shopping. (Okay, I went to Macy’s. I’m still not one to wonder around the mall for hours.) I went in and told a wonderful lady my story and she helped me find my look. I added the hat.

I tell you all this to make my point. Packing. When your heading off some where, make sure you have what you need. Spend time looking over what you’ve put together. Stream line it. Ask yourself, “Do I need that to look and feel the way I want to?” If not, leave it behind. You choose what you carry with you. You make the decision of what to pack in your suitcase. Is it time to lighten the load?

Life is about learning and growing.  Making adjustments along the way. Spend some time today thinking about what you need to adjust.

Can’t wait to tell you about Poland. I’ve never been to Europe.

Until then,

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