When? Part 2

When? Part 2

Part 2 in the Times series.

When? When is it going to happen? When am I going to get there? Great question! No one knows the answer. You can guess and plan but there is never an exact answer. Until now.

You will get there when you’re ready to. You will get there when you don’t give up. You will get there and it will be exciting, and then you will move on.

The longest part of the journey to your dreams is the journey. Stop complaining and start enjoying. Look for things to be happy about.

Sometimes when you travel, you don’t always get to stay in the nice hotels. Sometimes, you just get a place to sleep.

Remember, energy flows were attention goes. So focus on the good that has just happened. I just shared an incredible message with over 250 people. People were crying, laughing, and thinking all in the same presentation. I’ve learned that’s how you know you have made an impact.

It feels so incredible to touch a life and make a change for the better. It is even more powerful for me when a teen’s life is changed because I feel it has a lasting effect on generations to come.

I enjoy planting seeds that will change a life if they water, fertilize, and weed around the newly forming seedling. The biggest sticking point is the gestation period. Too often, people give up before they can see evidence of what is happening.

Look for the little changes that are taking place in your life. Focus on what you are creating. Enjoy the journey and the companionship along the way. You will meet many people that will have an impact on you. Learn what you need and let go of the rest.

It’s coming, just keep moving forward and you will enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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