Who’s Your Lighthouse?

Who’s Your Lighthouse?

Suicide is at an all time high. The shooting of our children while they are in a school is an atrocity. Our schools use to be safe havens. They were a place of learning, friendship, growth, and development. Now, parents wonder if their children will come home, wind up in the emergency room, or a body bag. Students are afraid to to go to school; because, it means pain, suffering, and possible death.

We can change that. We can make a difference. We can be lighthouses helping others through the storms and dangerous waters of today. We can make sure that everyone sees the light if we all shine bright.

I am a lighthouse. I guide people to their dreams. I make sure they can navigate the course set before them. I shine so others can find their way. I am a beacon of hope and love to those that are lost. I help people Tame the Bully Between Their Ears so they can live their legacy. So, they can fulfill their dreams. So, they can be lighthouses for others; because, this world is in crisis. This world needs more hope, faith, and love.

I can help. Please, help me connect with others to stopping bullying. Search your contacts and put me in touch with those that need help, together we can turn on our beams of hope, faith, and love. Together we will shine a beam so bright it will cut through the darkness and touch everyone. No one left behind.

Contact me now let’s get this training started in as many places as possible. We have already lost to many lives to the effects of bullying.

Thank you for helping me make a difference,

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