You can create anything you want.

You can create anything you want.

I’m sitting here watching it rain. I love the rain. It reminds me of home. I grew up in Washington State on a dairy farm. We had a spectacular amount of rain. That is why it is so beautiful and green. There was always plenty of water. One year we dammed up the culvert to the little creek that ran through the middle of our fields. That summer my brother and I floated around on tire inner tubes and just soaked up the rays of the sun. Which brings me to my next point; I love the sun and its warmth.

Wait, what was the first point?  I can create anything. I choose the way I feel about something and in the choosing, I create its essence. I create the impact and the antiphon it has on me. I can sit in my office at home and return to the farm in my mind. I can also watch it rain and think of the sunny beaches we visited in Hawaii as a family. In a split second, I can remember the fun times we had playing Cashflow (a board game) on the back porch of our bungalow. I can also imagine the next time we go.

Imagination, now there’s a word that might shake you up a bit. Your imagination is so powerful it can take you places at the speed of thought. You use it all the time but are usually not aware, and that can be a negative. How often have you thought to yourself, if I try a new route home I might get lost? If I try learning to play the piano at my age, others will laugh at me. I would love to travel but I don’t want to ____________. All of those statements are your imagination. You are imagining something bad happening.

I challenge you to use your imagination to empower you and your vision. You have a purpose that you must fulfill. If you keep holding yourself back, it will never happen. Keep a little notebook with you this week and keep track of all the times you use your imagination for an empowering vision or a disempowering one. When you become aware of something, you can change it. Maybe the only reason you don’t have everything you want is your imagination. Harness it and use this powerful tool to make a better future for yourself and your family.

Have a visionary day. I’ve got to go. I have plans to go skiing on the beaches of Fiji today.

Want to come?

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