Trees? Really?

Trees? Really?

As I was out walking in the Arctic Tundra… Okay, I cannot tell a lie. I will begin again. As I was out walking in the frozen Utah landscape, I was thinking about how everything is connected. Then I thanked God I had a home with a thermostat that I keep at a cozy 70.

I looked at the heavy frost on everything and shivered. It’s beautiful and sparkly. While being so fragile, it still shines and brightens my day. However, this is not a story about frost. It’s about the wisdom of trees.

I stopped to talk to an oak tree.

“I’m sorry you’re naked and cold.” I commented “I hope you sleep well.”

To the evergreen, I said, “I’m sorry there is frost all over you.” Then I held its needles to warm them up. Okay, not all the needles just a handful. I stood there for about 2 minutes warming the needles while I got cold.

I know I’m a little crazy sometimes but my family knows this about me and they still love me. Don’t be so judgmental.

Today, the evergreen talked back. Okay, not really. Let’s just say I got the lesson today.

I realized that the trees, in a way, knew what was coming. They prepared for it. In each season they do exactly what God has designed them for. They are constantly doing the best they can with everything they have.

The oak didn’t say, “I can’t grow any taller or the other trees will be jealous. I better only grow small deformed leaves so the other trees feel better about themselves.” No! The oak tree or any tree for that matter would NEVER do that. They reach their full potential day after day, year after year until they are done.
The evergreen said, “I knew winter was coming and I prepared for it. Thank you for stopping by and noticing me. However, you need to take care of yourself and your family. Go do the best you can with what you know and what you can do. Grow your potential by learning and sharing with others. Live to the best of your ability every day. Find things to enjoy every moment. Get the gold nugget from the painful times and move on stronger and richer for the experiences. Now, go my little friend and let me enjoy the cold and the incredible view of the frost; because, it brings me joy.”

I knew all things were connected. I just didn’t know how smart trees were. Tomorrow on my walk, I think I’ll check out the rocks.

I love my life.

Enjoy your day today.

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